Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Show Ideas

Not sure who you would invite or what type of show would be the best? Well let me help you out a little. Here are some ideas for your ThirtyOne party:
1- Baby or Bridal Shower
* Know someone expecting or getting ready to get married? Why not throw them a Thirty
One Baby or bridal show. Let them go through make a list of things they love and then
Guests purchase the items for them.
2- Sports teams
* Does your son or daughter play sports, cheer, or dance? Have a show for those parents that you are with every week. You can even have a show during their practice or rehearsals.
3- Girls night theme Party
* Need a girls night? Have a theme party!! Here are some interesting ideas:
Greys Anatomy party- have a silent party where friends can watch your favorite show and shop before or after or during the show.
Margarita Party- Have a friday night party get your friends to come over for Margarita's and fun and no worring about getting up for work the next day.

Awesome April Specials

If you have been thinking about selling Thirty One Gifts or wanting to take advantage of all the free stuff you can get April is your month!! Check out these great specials:

Hostess Special- DOUBLE REWARDS!! Host a $500 show and get 30% if free items. That means you get at least $150 in free stuff

Customer Special- $1.00 embroidery on anything from the baby and kids catalog.

Check back often for updates and let me know if you have any questions!!